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"A Letter to the Descendants"

Director. Igor Gladkov.

What would you like to tell your descendants ? Children and young people are confronted with this question. The presence of a camera doesn't make the task any easier. Yet the ice quickly breaks and the protagonists talk freely about life in Russia. A fascinating cross-section of opinion from St. Petersburg's next generation. Young people report openly and honestly about what they like and dislike in today's Russia. They speak of politics, parties and President Putin. MPs are criticised and a lack of human solidarity bemoaned. The definition of patriotism is questioned. What sacrifices are young people willing to make for their homeland? What do you think of LGBTQ? The topics are diverse and the protagonists are equally diverse: girls, boys, some of Russian ancestry, others from one of the nationalities of the former Soviet Union currently settled in St. Petersburg. The classic individual interviews are kept in black and white, visually underlining the effect of what has been said.

Cosmo Genetics : .  What inspired you to make this film?


Igor : The idea arose during the filming class. At the beginning of the school year, I made a promise to the students that we would shoot a documentary with their participation. I forgot about it. In December, they recalled. On that day, I was occupied with thoughts about pioneer organizations, the Komsomol and their messages to the future. I suggested that today's schoolchildren write a letter to their descendants, taking into account modern possibilities. Instead of using a pen, use video recording so that in the future our message will be seen on the Internet. The guys took turns sitting in front of me and the camera. I asked them: "What would you like to convey to descendants?" The students gave sincere and interesting answers.



Cosmo Genetics :  What was the most difficult part of making the film?

Igor : 510 children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years old participated in the filming. More than 200 shooting days. Then there was a lengthy editing. The dynamics of the picture was created by a certain sequence of answers. One topic ends - another begins smoothly. The guys discussed many interesting questions.

Cosmo Genetics : What do you think about the global film industry in terms of the transition to digital platforms, good or bad?


Igor : For many years they have been talking about the disappearance of theaters, round tables, with the advent of the pandemic, everything will be online, etc. I think people value social interaction, so theaters, round tables and cinemas will exist.



Cosmo Genetics : What is your personal message that humanities research and film industry narratives can help each other?

Irgor : Cinematography is a mixed art form representing the unity of the humanities, technology, ideology and creativity. Cinema reveals itself in a variety of meaningful aspects through the fixation of time and space. The place of cinematography is difficult to determine by means of classical aesthetics and with the help of humanitarian thought, since the spiritual experience of the 20th and 21st centuries has yet to be rethought.

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"A Day with Particles "

Director. Daniel Schierich,

Director .Vojtech Pleskot

Director. Martin Rybar

Daniel Schierich, Vojtech Pleskot and Martin Rybar are all particle physicists at Charles University working with CERN in Geneva. In their free time they run the successful Science To Go physics outreach programme for the general public in the Czech Republic. Daniel’s skills in cartoon drawing have been used for some short videos for Science To Go but this is the first time we have come together to produce a longer length film combining live action and cartoon.

Cosmo Genetics had a very interesting and Unique Interview with Physicist Daniel, Vojtech, Martin and Connie Potter from CERN Geneva. We talk about Science in relation with Arts, and Film Industry / Science Relationship,  Our Interview is coming soon .. in Podcast Format ..

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" The Sky Commodified"

Director. Francisco Lobo

Director. Romea Muryń,

Director. Maya Shopova

The Sky Commodified' explores the territorial complexities of the emerging astro-industry in the Chilean Desert. Entangling the perspectives of the human and non-human, indigenous and foreign inhabitants of the Atacama, the film addresses notions of presence and progress, focusing on the social impacts that they have.

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